What is the Capstone Experience, Inc.?

Capstone Experience, Inc., established in 2008, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to increase the capacity of families and their youth in grades 6th through 12th with the goal to strengthen communities.    

We are always looking for ways to assist those we serve ,so we are always open to any and all solicitations.  

Our goal is to inspire families to follow their dreams, raise their personal expectations, and provide critical support when needed through communication (networking), and commitment to service and advocacy.  

To accomplish their goals families, will participate in holistic-based training to maintain everyday needs for common goals, by providing opportunities that train, strengthen and develop personal leadership skills.

Capstone Experience, Inc. is an organization that will prove families and communities can connect and the result will benefit the youth.  

The goal of our organization is to give opportunities for parental involvement with the component of community integration. 

Furthermore, we will continue in or mission of collaboration through service-learning projects, special events and by "giving back" to the community.

Our services will improve the ability of families to become self-sufficient with the tools and skills learned through our classes, workshops, and mentorships.  

Determining realistic goals that can be achieved through training will build self-esteem and self confidence, this is the Capstone Experience! 

Capstone Experience, Inc. will engage families by rewarding them with resources, opportunities and networking that will change their lives. 

"It TAKES a VILLAGE!" - LaTracey Copeland Hughes, CEO